Friday, October 24, 2008

Live Event / Exhibition (2)

The live section of the event consisted of a talk by John, Francis and Glenn about their work at the club, followed by a live performance of Unorthodox 1-2. This used a series of recorded texts as a starting point from which to improvise a series of drones based around the notes BAFC.

Differing considerably from the recorded version, the set featured Dave Dhonau on samples, thumb piano, radios and drum machine, Francis on laptop, guitar and effects and Glenn on prepared guitar.

Look out for further posts on how to order the CD and upcoming performances.

Aurelie in BAFC mode (clockwise from top left), Damian Rose, Francis O'Donnell Smith, David Dhonau, Glenn Boulter.

Many thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to Thorncliffe School and to the Canteen Media and Arts Centre and the Heron Corn Mill for the loan of audio-visual equipment.
Live Event / Exhibition (1)

Aurelie performed live at Barrow AFC on Friday 17th October as part of an exhibition presenting work from throughout the residency.

On display were selections from Francis' video installation Unbridled, prints, hand-packaged Unorthodox 1-2 CD's, tracks made by Glenn with local schools using graphic notation and project organiser John Hall's edition of books and CD's charting the career of fictional Barrow player Al Mobility.

North West Evening Mail 09/10/08

Tent Show

Recordings from the residency were featured during September in an open air sound installation at the Heron corn Mill in Beetham, Cumbria. Curated by project organiser John Hall and housed in a series of tents in the grounds of the mill, the piece also featured sounds made by children from Storth School and John Ruskin School as well as a track from mysterious Leeds-based group, the Wendigos.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Years after his mysterious disappearance, they still talk about Barrow AFC'S Al Mobility, his goalscoring feats, his huge appetite and the sacred potted plant which he always carried under his arm on the field of play during his short but triumphant career at Holker Street.

The Al Mobility Story was devised and recorded by girls from St Bernard's RC school at various Al-related sites around Barrow's ground , with the help of writer and broadcaster Ian McMillan, writer Kate Davis, Teacher / AFC Director David Ingham and project Co-ordinator John Hall.

Through interviews with Mobility's family, schoolfriends , fans and team mates we hear the story of his exploits, his struggle to continue playing while carrying a shrub, and the controversial sending-off which hastened his disappearance.

The piece was broadcast on Abbey FM earlier this year, and meanwhile a trawl through the local archives has unearthed clippings and ephemera that put a face to the legend, and provide a taste of the esteem with which this clean man with short spikey hair was held.